Isis Valverde lives “emotional turmoil” on new music clip from rock band Republica

Actress is the tormented muse of “Beautiful Lie”

The actress Isis Valverde stars the new Republica music clip “Beautiful Lie”, and portrays a strong, intense and mysterious character. Isis, who is now playing Ritinha on TV Globo’s prime time series “A Força do Querer”, says that she was very thrilled to play this role in the music clip because it’s very different from the roles she’s playing right now and that she just loved the song. The music clip is now available on the band’s YouTube channel:

 “We needed someone delicate and beautiful, but with a lot of attitude and emotional intensity, just like the song. And Isis was just perfect. She cries, laughs and suddenly has a gun in her hands. It’s provocative and mind blowing”, says LF Vieira, lead guitar for Republica.

Director Rafael Kent, tell that he wrote the screenplay especially for Isis, offering her a role that she’s not used to doing. “I created a new character and wrote the story line for her to live this unpredictable and disruptive woman”. Isis’s ties  with Republica is not new, as “Beautiful Lie” was chosen to be in the soundtrack of her brand new movie “”, produced by Total Filmes and available now on Netflix worldwide.

“The song is reflects on the positive and negative sides of our day-to-day illusions. It talks about the sweet lies we tell ourselves to mask and diminish our problems”, says Leo Beling, lead singer for Republica. Rafael Kent explains that he played with the title of the song. “It’s basically one big fat misleading lie, not meant to be understood, it’s just human perception. No one knows if the actual music video events happen before or after, if they existed or not”.

Musically, the song came from a guitar harmony idea, a drum groove and the upbeat chorus melody. “The more “pop” feel of the track happened naturally and even us were very surprised and motivated with the end result”, says Mike Maeda, drummer. The band went through a very collaborative and intense process in search of the right arrangement, textures and small details for the song in order to create it’s unique sounding identity.